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Breaking Ground 2013

Oct 21 - Nov 24

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Breaking Ground 2013 is raising $300,000 to build four boys’ homes for 60 boys in Kenya so they can one day defeat the causes of extreme poverty around them. 100% of funds build the homes.
Get Involvedstart my campaign together we’ve raised $225,738 of $300,000
    									Home 1																			Funded!
    								$75,000 • 47,250 bricks
    									Home 2																			Funded!
    								$75,000 • 47,250 bricks
    									Home 3																			Funded!
    								$75,000 • 47,250 bricks
    									Home 4																			in progress
    								$738 • 465 bricks

why boys'

  • Defeating Poverty

    Boys are phase three of our network of children who will become the adults defeating the causes of poverty around them. Boys complete the network.

  • Rescuing from sexual and labor abuses

    Boys in coastal Kenya are sold into child labor or are sexually abused with nobody to defend their rights.

  • Advancing girls

    Often when we rescue a girl from an abusive situation there is a man involved. By raising boys correctly we don’t just postpone abuse of girls, we prevent it.

  • high demand for boys' homes

    Nearly all the homes around us are for girls. Often when we rescue a girl there is also a brother. What do we do for him?

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  • image description 2.6 Million Street children in Kenya
  • image description 1 in 12 Children die before age 5
  • image description $1 trillion In aid spent in Africa in the past 60 years


slideshow image description image description Girls in our first four homes

Breaking Ground is our biggest campaign of the year, and you have made it bigger every year. Here’s what past campaigns have done

  • 2009

    4 girls' homes - Phase 1

    We raised the funds to build four girls' homes to give 60 girls a second chance at childhood. It was so successful we are doing it again this year for boys

  • 2011

    school for 900 - Phase 2

    We raised the funds for the other buildings and amenities for a school for 900. It is due to open in 2014


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$300,000 4 boys' homes - Phase 3

This year we are building four boys’ homes to complete the network of children who will be the adults defeating the causes of the poverty they were born into.

100% of your donation
is used to build 4 boys' homes

how your
money will

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  • 1 Materials

    The homes we are building are designed to last. We’ve sourced materials that are not only durable and intended to last for decades to come, but we’ve gotten our materials down to $60 per square foot. Compare that to the average of $1,000 per square foot in new york city

  • 2 Staff & Labor

    We work local and western architects and contractors to design and construct the best living environments built for the long term. And local labor to provide local jobs.

  • 3 Furniture

    We hire local carpenters to make high quality durable furniture at a much lower cost than buying.

  • 4 Amenities

    We are building homes to make boys feel like children in a family not orphans in an institution and our amenities reflect that.


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We'll take you to Kenya to see what you've accomplished. It will feel good, very good.

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  • Get Creative  last year shauna and kelly hosted a bake sale
    all proceeds went towards their team goal!

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